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    HKBK College of Engineering believes that sports play an important role in the development of well-rounded students. We offer a variety of sports programs and facilities to meet the needs of our students, including:

    A team of experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential Dr. ARSHAD PASAHA



    Department of Physical Education & Sports Science serve as a vital and integral part of the student life in campus. The mission of the department is to provide a broad spectrum of sports, recreation and leisure activities for students, staff and faculty, as well as the members of the local community. The primary direction is to provide services and programs that stimulate growth, development and retention of students in a contemporary and safe environment that develops fitness and wellness, social interaction and leadership opportunities.


    To engage in relentless pursuit of excellence in the promotion and development of Physical Education, sporting and extra-curricular activities through an innovative approach in teaching, coaching, research, and outreach activities and to evolve a holistic approach to the all-round betterment of human resources through a harmonious blend of body, mind and spirit.


    • To design and introduce innovative, integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum in physical education, sports, games, and allied areas.
    • To recognize and encourage budding athletes/students with potential and further encourage them by coaching/training.
    • To develop and provide modern amenities on par with the Global standards in the field of sports.
    • To produce dedicated and passionate sports persons, who will always display high morale and sportsmanship at all times.

    A variety of intramural and intercollegiate sports teams

    We encourage all of our students to participate in sports at HKBK College of Engineering. We believe that sports can help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

    In addition to the sports programs and facilities listed above, HKBK College of Engineering also offers a number of other programs and services to support our student-athletes, including:

    Academic counseling

    HKBK College of Engineering provides academic counseling to help student-athletes balance their academic and athletic commitments. Mr. Arshad Pasha  work with student-athletes to develop individualized academic plans, set goals, and track progress. They also provide support with study skills, time management, and test preparation.


    HKBK College of Engineering offers tutoring to student-athletes who need additional help in a particular subject. Tutors can provide one-on-one or group tutoring sessions. They can also help student-athletes with homework assignments, study guides, and test preparation.

    Sports nutrition counseling

    HKBK College of Engineering provides sports nutrition counseling to help student-athletes fuel their bodies for optimal performance. Sports nutrition counselors can provide personalized meal plans, teach student-athletes about healthy eating habits, and help them develop strategies for managing their weight and nutrient intake.

    Sports psychology counseling

    HKBK College of Engineering offers sports psychology counseling to help student-athletes develop mental toughness and overcome performance anxiety. Sports psychologists can provide strategies for dealing with stress, improving focus, and building confidence. They can also help student-athletes develop coping mechanisms for setbacks and injuries.

    We are committed to providing our student-athletes with the resources and support they need to succeed in the classroom and on the field.



    HKBK College of Engineering has the unflinching support of the corporate, associations, societies and individual professionals in the Energy and Allied sectors.

    The industry provides HKBKCE in multiple ways; from allowing access to their vast knowledge bases and valuable experience to field visits in otherwise inaccessible installations; from laboratory equipment, books and sports facilities to scholarships and endowments.

    Corporations have endowed HKBKCE with financial as well as knowledge assistance and we are grateful for their continued contribution. In fact, many scholarships have been set up by professionals in their individual capacity as well.