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    We are here to support you every step of the way!

    Welcome to HKBK College of Engineering, where we prioritize providing students with a premier residential experience right on campus. Living in our hostels isn't just about having a place to stay; it's about creating an environment where students can excel academically, grow personally, and meet their diverse interests and needs..

    Accommodation and Management

    • Our Boys and Girls Hostels are managed by a dedicated General Manager of Operations who oversees the end-to-end operations.
    • All students are expected to reside in the hostels during their course, fostering a sense of community and a conducive atmosphere for academic concentration.
    •  Local students living within a 30 km radius are permitted to stay at home.

    Hostel Wardens and Well-being:

    • Hostel Wardens play a crucial role, directly interacting with students on a day-to-day basis.
    • They monitor the well-being of students, offering guidance and counseling whenever needed, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment.

    International Student Living:

    HKBK College offers outstanding living accommodations within the campus specifically designed for international students. The goal is to create a comfortable and safe space where students can focus on their studies, form lasting friendships, and enrich their overall college experience.

    Facilities and Amenities:

    Our hostels feature furnished rooms with modern amenities, providing students with a comfortable and enriching living experience. Boys' hostels are conveniently located within the campus, while the girls' hostels are just 2 km away with accessible college buses. Key facilities include:

    • Kitchen and spacious dining areas
    • Indoor gym, badminton court, and more for recreational activities
    • Power backup through generators
    • Commitment to an eco-friendly environment
    • Provision of safe drinking water
    • Single and double occupancy rooms
    • Common and attached washroom facilities on each floor
    • Emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness
    • Round-the-clock security
    • Wi-Fi enabled hostels

    Catering to Diverse Needs:

    We understand that tastes vary, and dietary preferences change. That's why we offer a customized menu that evolves according to the students' preferences. Communication and dispensary facilities are readily available, ensuring that students have the support they need throughout their stay.

    At HKBK, our hostels are not just places to live; they are integral parts of a holistic educational journey. We aim to provide an environment that encourages personal and academic growth, fostering an experience that students will cherish for a lifetime.