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    Seminar on “Industrial Refrigeration”

    08 Apr 2017

    Expert: Mr. Mahesh Shastri,  HVAC Consultant,   Bangalore

    Total Participants attended: 50+

    Details of Participants: The seminar was open to staffs& students of Mechanical engineering streams.

    Summary of the presentation:  It was a good start with the new field of mechanical engineering that is Industrial Refrigeration. We were able to understand the need of this field in various industrial aspects.

                We were able to know the various components of the industrial refrigeration, when considered to the field of industries aspects the need for different components is own importance & also to know the working of different components of this systems. To the most of we were able t see the need of refrigeration in milk diaries, beans segregation plants, food processing plants etc where preservation required in order the safety transport the products without spoiling the products.

                More over the explanation about the types of refrigerators & their capacity to keep a definite space cooler than the atmospheric temperature for depending upon the type of situations & loads by varies the refrigerators are designed by these required loads on them especially when it comes to the finishing & preserving food in the industries.


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