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    Psycho-social Wellbeing of youth and gender sensitisation

    26 Feb 2020

    This was a one-day seminar on the topic ‘Psycho-social Wellbeing of Youth and Gender Sensitization.’  The purpose of this program was to bring an awareness among students about the importance of his/her mental and emotional wellbeing along with spreading the knowledge of his/her own rights and responsibilities as a man and woman in a society.

    There are increasing number of issues among youth today and they are vulnerable to it in one way or the other. Few students can cope up with the stress, but many are not able to cope with the challenges in everyday life. Eventually, they end up making wrong decisions which have serios effects on the individual and the society.

    Hence, to deal with these issues in a sensitive manner, we had invited four speakers to address these issues and to provide a clear picture on how to overcome these challenges. Around 110 students participated in this seminar.

    As a continuation, we had also conducted a rally on the 29th of February 2020 to spread an awareness for the same. A placard competition was held just before the rally to select the best placard design.

    The rally was inaugurated by the secretary of HKBKGI, Mr. Manzoor Ahmed. Beginning from the college gate, we walked through Govindpur and Nagawara main road and back to college. Around 300 students were a part of this rally.


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