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    Environmental safety awareness as well as Demonstration on fire safety

    24 Mar 2018

    Date    : 24th March 2018 

    Venue: HKBK-CSE seminar hall

    Expert: Commander RR Tyagi (Retd.), Certified Energy Manager by BEE Govt of India

                Ex. CEO Primates Service Pvt Ltd. Bangalore

    Students of 6th semester both A & B sections attended the workshop on Industrial safety awareness as well as Demonstration on fire safety programme. Mr.Tyagi has elaborately explained about the environmental safety and various safety precautions measures against the various industrial hazards. Moreover he has explained about the various types of fires and use of its applicable extinguisher. He also given crucial demonstration on fire prevention system and its control and how the fire can be extinguished with the help of portable fire extinguisher. The demonstration has given on three types of fire group ie A, B, C with the help CO2, Chemical powder and Foam type of Fire extinguisher. The workshop overall was very useful as well as effective for the participants.



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