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    Admissions Open 2021

    For Civil Engineering


    Civil Engineering

    Delivery Mode

    On Campus

    Programs Offered

    Bachelor of Engineering | Doctor of Philosophy |


    4 Years

    Extra Electives


    Revit Architecture


    3D Max Design

    Civil Engineering

    Program Details

    Modeling nature for sustainability.     

    The primary objective of the B.E in Civil Engineering program at HKBK College of Engineering is to produce well-balanced civil engineers who have excelled in varied fields, ranging from academics to project management. HKBK is one of the best civil engineering colleges in Bangalore that offers the best programs designed as per international standards. The course comprises practical training, guest lectures, and industrial visits along with project work and exposure to several civil engineering software programs.

    Being the top civil engineering college in Karnataka, we offer specialized knowledge ranging from geotechnical engineering to structural engineering. The important subdivisions of this field include irrigation engineering, structural engineering transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering, etc.

    Unique methodology for enriched learning
    The teaching methodology at HKBK ensures a perfect balance of theory and practical learning. The department has well-equipped labs for enriching the practical learning experience of the students. The graduates at HKBK are well prepared to solve the current civil engineering problems and have the ability to adapt to future problems in the related field.

    The civil engineering program teaches students the fundamentals of engineering design and the potential applications related to the field. The program is brilliantly designed and caters to the learning requirements of the students from basic to advanced levels. On completion of the civil engineering course at HKBK, graduates can apply their knowledge and skills to solve various civil engineering challenges. They can flourish their careers in areas of irrigation, structural design, planning, design, and construction of roads, bridges, tunnels etc. We have academic collaboration with some industries for practical training of our students that help them understand the concepts easily.

    Prof. S.A.S.Mohammed,,Professor and Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering

    BE (Civil), ME ( Env Engg), Ph.D., AM ASCE( USA), MISTE


    “To transform the department into a center of excellence, producing quality civil engineers for the nation and for humanity with special emphasis towards sustainable development equipped with knowledge, skill, character, and capability to compete at all levels”



    “To provide high-quality technical education and training with research aptitude to the budding civil engineers, to nurture excellent civil engineering skills, human and social values, enhance national and global competence”


    Admission requirements you'll need to meet for this course.










    Jaro Education


    Sobha Developers



    Industry Immersion

    Civil Engineers of today’s digital world have undergone a phase change from drawing boards to touch screens. In this technological evolution teaching and preparing future professional Civil Engineers is challenging and needs continuous upgrades on basic engineering principles and computational skills.

    With the advent of AI, machine learning and 3D printing, Civil Engineering profession is undergoing a revolution, for more than 150 years all our infrastructural facilities were dumb structures but now with the integration of knowledge of various branches, Civil engineers are equipped to design and maintain smart, robust and resilient structures which have made them go into places thought to be impossible a few decades. Such as below ground, deep inside oceans, and have moved into the outer space. Technology would drive them to build sustainable and habitable structures on Moon and Mars soon.  

    Indian Scenario

    In India, 95 billion sq. ft. is the predicted demand in the construction industry and real estate. There is such high demand, but the sector lacks sufficient workforce to meet this growing demand. It has been estimated that there is a demand-supply gap in the range of 82 % and 86 % for skilled civil engineers, architects, and others and hence our country needs 4 million skilled civil engineers. Jobs in Civil Engineering are expected to grow by 6 percent between 2018 and 2028, which amounts to an additional increase of 20,500 jobs annually on the present demand.



    More details about the course

    Want more information about the department of Civil Engineering? Contact Us

    Civil Engineering Department was established in the year 2012 in the HKBK College of Engineering. The department has well-established labs and research facility and has achieved remarkably in academics and research, the students are groomed and made to develop skills in a jaunty atmosphere of the department.

    Civil Department being the youngest of all the engineering courses has proved to be among the active branches in HKBK CE. It has produced Civil engineers who are working in high places and have brought laurels to the department.

    The department has successfully completed research projects of DST in collaboration with the department of chemistry of HKBK CE and has published few papers in Tier 1 journals and has gained a stronghold on research capabilities. The department is continuously moving ahead with the zeal of setting landmarks in innovation, service, and research. Many staffs are active members of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and continuously update with the latest know-how in their field of study and regularly attend conferences, webinars, and other outreach activities of ASCE. The department is abreast of the accreditation process of NAAC, NBA, and ABET and is equipping itself to fully be compliant with it.  


    Seven batches of students have graduated from the portal leaving behind a trail of achievements, to summarize

    • It has state of the art equipment and infrastructure.
    • Most of the students have got placed in the department. It has a strong focus on internships which has made the students obtain gainful employment.
    • The student projects are of great value and have been represented in many national and international forums and the diaspora.
    • It has a strong publication history featuring in ASTM and ASCE journals, it not only runs the UG course but also has a doctoral course through its research centre and will be producing five Ph.Ds. shortly.
    • The department has successfully obtained, completed, and implemented the SERB DST project worth INR 33 lakhs in which a special lab worth INR 22 lakhs set is used by students to carry out their academic activities. 
    • It has an Indian patent under final stages of grant  patent No CHE/2765/2015 in the name of the department



    Heritage of course

    For every endeavor of humankind to succeed, hard work and dedication play the most important role. Success being a continuous process is a long term realization of service rendered to the society. Civil engineering is one such arena that delivers the basic amenities and the fundamental rights to human beings. Furthermore, Civil engineering also enchants the world in simplifying life in most of the aspects may it be Environment, Transportation, Irrigation, Water Resources, Soil, Housing, etc. The journey of success has enthralled the world to such an extent that the imagination of something’s existence without the involvement of civil engineering is very difficult.


    Short term goals

    • To make available state-of-the-art technical knowledge to local communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations for infrastructure improvement, and its maintenance in Karnataka.
    • To analyze and suggest possible improvements to the technologies used by local populations affecting their lives such as Earthquake resistant low-cost housing (with the application of local construction materials), Flood mitigation, Waterlogging and salinity problems, Irrigation requirements, soil erosion, and Landslide mitigation, water supply systems and Environmental awareness programs in the rural areas; and improvement in sanitation and drainage in urban areas.
    • Constant endeavor to maintain various laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Striving to attract and retain high-quality faculty and competent support staff.
    • To establish contacts with academic and research institutes, nationally and internationally, IGBC, ASCE for student/faculty.
    • To develop active linkage with industry in order to derive mutual academic and research benefits.




    Long term goals

    • Designing relevant and innovative curriculum.
    • Developing state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for teaching and research
    • Identifying research areas having direct relevance in this region with an emphasis on field application.
    • Developing web-based learning tools for students.
    • Creating of systematic backup of departmental knowledge bases such as the development of individual course files for theory as well as experiments (soft copies), procuring relevant codes and practice manuals required for civil engineers, and setting up of departmental Library for ease inaccessibility.


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