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    Sep 14, 2021

    Uplift your Career by Choosing the Most Promising Engineering College in Bangalore, India!

    Engineering remains one of the most sought-after careers in India even abroad! Engineering colleges in Bangalore, India have been playing a pivotal role in the upsurge of innovation. With millions of students coming forward every year to pursue this degree, hence the engineering domain has expanded manifolds. As of now, a vast range of programs is being offered by engineering colleges in Bangalore, India for every vertical under engineering. 


    Being the IT capital of India, Bangalore is well-renowned, and the fact that engineering courses training and development colleges in Bangalore are allowed to mushroom here, thus boasting intellectual and skillful talent to the IT industry. 


    Making research as a part of everyday life can help in making bigger and significant decisions.  Consider all options and pick your dream one and the one you wanted to pursue and pick the best one available. 


    So if you want to be an engineer…this article helps career-minded students think and make decisions intelligently about their post secondary journeys. 


    Top & Best Engineering courses being offered by the best Engineering colleges in Bangalore 


    Before sifting various branches with more scope & opportunities. Let’s have a glance at the disciplines that have gained popularity in the present times and the future. These engineering courses are the basic and core standard for any new-gen technologies. According to the scope, prospect, and career opportunities linked with the engineering courses, we have prepared a list of evergreen branches:


    • Computer science engineering 

    • Electronics and communication engineering 

    • Mechanical engineering 

    • Information technology engineering 

    • Civil engineering 


    Commence on the Road of your Career Dreams


    If you are looking to gain a respectable technical degree, then HKBK engineering college is the right option for you. HKBK is one of the most esteemed organizations and ranked #54 among the top 100 engineering colleges in India and one of the top 7 engineering colleges in Bangalore and the top 10 in Karnataka. 


    HKBK was started with the objective of providing quality education focusing on all-around development in the field of technology thereby serving society. We have reached an enviable level of excellence in providing technical education and stood out unique from the rest of the engineering courses training and development colleges in Bangalore. The environment, world-class facilities of HKBK, and the unconditional support of committed expertise staff motivate students to quench their thirst for knowledge and can boost their career-relevant skills. We thrive to achieve excellence in academics as well as the soft skills of the students. 


    HKBK has always been at the forefront of its domain by adopting modern technologies consistently. Attained the distinction of being the best college to introduce a comprehensive computer science degree and renowned as the top computer science colleges in Bangalore. With the fast-forwarding world of new-age technologies, the interest of students is increasing more than ever in computers and other engineering courses. The students and parents are equally interested in opting for computer engineering courses. There are several computer science colleges in Bangalore that offer advanced course curriculum focusing on both hardware and software computing. 


    Information technology—one of the most lucrative fields


    With the digital disruption and the world going hi-tech, there has been an increasing demand for potential and skillful IT professionals. It is one of the well-paid engineering sectors, and there has indeed been a trend of students choosing the IT stream. IT engineering colleges in Bangalore offer updated courses that cover a vast variety of subjects as well as aspects of engineering like computer systems, programming languages, networking, web-based applications, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, etc. 


    HKBK IT engineering college in Bangalore determines the ever-growing talent demand and expansion of the IT industry, hence students are embraced by numerous theoretical and practical programs. Churning out decent and top talent, which is highly employable with the best in the IT industry. 


    Cutting-edge resources and the latest technologies are the best reasons for students while choosing an engineering college. And HKBK engineering college in Bangalore would be your perfect choice that fulfills your educational requirements and also for your rapid career growth. Our approach is simple, that is “learning by doing” where our comprehensive curriculum is designed for its students and also offers high-quality educational facilities too. HKBK IT engineering college in Bangalore facilitates the highest placement opportunities across various industries. 


    HKBK is one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore to take up engineering courses, supporting students with the required resources and helping them to boost their careers. Being one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore, students can be assured of great knowledge and a successful future with bright career opportunities.

    Mar 13, 2021

    Significance of Memories........

    “HKBK community meets challenges presented by Pandemic”

    Faculties at all levels pride themselves on being ready for just about anything, with  professors and instructors at HKBKCE quickly discovered that their college was prepared to meet the challenges caused by the ripple effects of the corona virus pandemic. Words such as confidence  and collaboration, as well as support and stability, best describe what faculty, staff and students encountered when HKBKCE quickly shifted to remote learning in mid-March.,

    One of the factors that allowed us to pivot successfully was the strength of our faculty. Our college responded with a spirit of collaboration and generosity with Management support  with our  Principal stepping up to coordinate resources, to discuss concerns and to support one another, and all of these conversations revolved around our students' needs and experiences..College reacted quickly to face the daunting challenge. The ingenuity and determination our students used to make the situation work as effectively as possible was amazing!!!

    It didn’t take long for the student and teachers to see the importance of continuing to work with their mentors and meet the challenges of remote learning. Faculties did amazing work with their students and instead of being discouraged saw this as an opportunity to challenge themselves to be creative and try things they might not have normally considered. They were now focused on what they could do to make the transition to remote learning as smooth as possible for their students.”

    Time for conversations about students’ lives outside of the classroom was also enabled.“The goal was that our virtual classroom resembled our physical classroom; it was a place to learn, collaborate, engage and laugh,” During these challenging times, HKBKCE commitment to excellence through acts of collaboration, thoughtfulness and kindness is truly appreciable.

     “A promise I feel I can make on behalf of all my colleagues is that if a student comes to us ready to learn, we will be ready and eager to teach no matter what the situation is  said Prof Khallikkunaisa from CSE Dept..

    “We made our students feel confident knowing that our faculty and staff are ready to help them overcome any challenges. No students should feel they have to go it alone — from Department Head to program faculty, to the Office of the Principal our students are our first priority. 

    Collaborative vision through frequent communication and updates from our Principal enabled us to communicate clear, reliable information to our education students and confidently go through the rest of the semester. I’m very proud to report that the students I work with were able to complete all their requirements and proceed as planned for next year.

    Penned by…….


    30th Nov 2020

    Dec 9, 2020

    Some Important Guidelines to Help Streamline Colleges and Choose the Right Engineering Institute in Bangalore

    Choosing the right and best engineering colleges in Bangalore is an important and difficult decision for both you and your family. It is these four years that are very important for your career and will help decide what you will do in life. It is a better thing to make this decision when you are in senior school, and not at the last moment. There is no perfect college as such, but there may be colleges that are 'right' for you and what you are looking for. Below are the main important factors & a guideline has mentioned you can follow to help streamline colleges and choose the right engineering institute.

    While choosing the top engineering colleges in Bangalore, we always focus on our dream career. Every person wants to choose the best as per their needs while very few of them are really lucky to get what they want. But the fact is that the importance of good engineering colleges in life is so crucial because a bad decision can affect your overall career. In this article, we will discuss and know the various parameters of an engineering college that will help you to get the answer to how to choose the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore.

    If you are also searching for the best engineering colleges in Bangalore or b tech college in Bangalore then feel free to choose HKBK College of Engineering to make your career great. HKBK College of Engineering is a platform, where your potential finds its opportunities. You can call HKBK a process where every day is an opportunity to learn. HKBK is also well known as the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore for computer science.

    At HKBK College of engineering, our mission and vision are based on advanced skill and hard work, dedication, discipline, and determination with a strong emphasis on teamwork & shouldering a high level of responsibility. This culture allows our students not only to adapt themselves to the present-day challenge but also accept individual responsibility to the family, society, and nation. The institute has made some specific objectives and activity plans for achieving excellence in all areas of quality technical education. Our most advanced technologies and skills make us the best civil engineering colleges in Bangalore. Let's have a look at some guidelines and how to choose the best engineering colleges.

    Identify your potentiality:

    The very first thing to choose any career, as well as the colleges, is to identify your natural abilities. If we talk about the engineering courses, there are more than 20+ engineering courses available in India but our huge crowd generally focuses on 5 or 6 trades that we all know. But the one important thing is that don't always go with the crowd rather choose the carrier in which you are interested. That is the reason it becomes so important to find self-potentiality and aptitude for a particular stream and it will increase your chance to get success in your career. 

    The best degree college in Bangalore strongly believes in achieving excellence academically through high standards in teaching, career guidance. At HKBK College of Engineering, we develop technical competence and technocrats and skillful managers for  reputed corporate organizations. Being the top b tech colleges in Bangalore, we always focused on our student's growth and Our students learn the joy as well as get excited about new discovery, technology and acquire new skills of inquiry, evaluation, and communication that provide a strong foundation for the next stage of life and their careers.

    Establish a goal:

    Delineate goals or an aim at an early stage is what differentiates a winner from the crowd. Sometimes it is very important to decide whether you want to opt for business or a job. You must be aware of your primary motive and what you want from your life. The best engineering colleges in Bangalore give personal guidelines to students to succeed professionally and personally in a competitive world. The top mechanical engineering colleges in Bangalore offer the best management to their students.

    Research the college reputations history and Academic excellence:

    Choosing the best colleges is one of the huge tasks in the engineering journey because it is one of the most important factors. The college brand and its history is an important factor, which matters the most while choosing a great college. While selecting the colleges go for the college history, Academic Excellence the status of particular engineering stream, training & placement, award & achievements, and others related factors, which is Differentiate, a good and the best college. HKBK College of Engineering - Top 10-degree colleges in Bangalore would be great options for you.

    Being the best award-winning Engineering Colleges in Bangalore we believe to provide educational opportunities to the needy and weaker section of the society, to uplift their socio-economic status and our students can easily service in this competitive world. And we give the tailor-made solution for which the applicants are requested to apply online through the official websites or they can collect the form from the college itself. And the prime criteria, students are requested to provide an authorized Email-id to get better communication in the admission process. 

    Mar 13, 2021

    Scope of Business Education (MBA) in Today’s World & How an MBA Degree Helps in Shaping your Career?

    In today’s highly competitive job scenario, choosing a promising degree is crucial to ensure to have a promising career! In recent time, the MBA degree has become one of the most prestigious and coveted career options for most graduates. The following article talks about the significance of an MBA degree and how it can boost your career prospects. Read on….

    Surviving in the growing competition and staying firm in this fast-evolving competitive world have become two major concerns that often persuade business owners and entrepreneurs to search for proficient business management professionals. Moreover, candidates who possess skills and capability of making any business well-established organization or business venture and successful. 

    With the increasing demand for professional and skilled business management experts, management education has become a necessary or essential tool to equip aspirants (Students) with the key techniques & tools of handling varied business and management issues successfully. 

    It is Dynamic Business World

    Surveys have been done on various business ventures and organizations and experts believe that marketing concepts have changed in the past decade, especially due to the presence of social media, upgraded technology, and use of creative ways to move on the right track of success. 

    Experience is the vital key that is always appreciated and respected in the world of business, but moving on the conventional ways of management might take a business organization into faulty direction. Here , the proficient MBA students and professionals who always seek new ways and new techniques survive and help this dynamic business world. And MBA aspirants who receive new tools and systems can aid them in creating new innovative planning that leads to the right track of success. 

    Reasons to Pursue an MBA Degree 

    Deciding to study an MBA course is one of the big decisions for aspiring students. If you are deciding to enter the business world and you must know what an MBA degree offers you a myriad of advantages, especially when it is from a well-regarded business or IT engineering colleges in Bangalore

    Being an IT hub of India, Banagalore has got the top universities and business schools where aspirants are offered by the industry-oriented academics, latest cutting-edge technology learning programs, professional corporate culture during their college life, placements and more. and recruiting companies and organizations expect professional candidates possessing managerial skills and also should be able to satisfy different job roles in various industries. 

    If you are surprising about what makes an MBA degree from a top engineering colleges in Bangalore or a business school so valuable, then here are some key reasons to consider:

    Variety of Career Avenues 

    MBA graduates could enjoy better when it comes to career options. Some of the most promising sectors include marketing, finance, human resources, opearions, international business, and IT. Students with enough knowledge with an MBA degree can allow to work in the area of their choice. 

    You can choose to specialize in any field of your choice & work in that area.  And there are many popular job roles available for MBA graduates which include Managers, Human resource specialists, public relations specialists, accounts executive, etc.  

    Increased Potential Salaries 

    MBA is one of the most internationally-recognized qualifications worldwide, and it is an obvious advantage to increase your potential salary. Wider career opportunities in varied fields like consulting, banking, general management offer very attractive compensation packages. 

    Access to an Extensive Business Network

    During the MBA degree, internship, or while doing a job an MBA graduate gets immense opportunities to communicate and interact with business professionals. Typical managerial job roles involve business meetings, communication, travels offering an opportunity to connect with more people and strengthen your network. 

    Increased Demand 

    Management has become a crucial part of any organization small or big. Thus, top recruiting firms demand MBA professionals with great managerial & leadership skills, hence an MBA becomes a ticket to a promising career. 

    International Exposure 

    MBA graduates can enjoy a variety of lucrative job placements across the world. National and international organizations always look for skilled and experienced MBA graduates with excellent knowledge and track record. 

    Industry Relevant MBA Degree- Key for successful Career and Overall Growth!

    Industry relevant MBA courses are one of the critical parts that give new dimensions to your career growth. If you are interested in economics, financial matters, and banking then pursuing MBA in finance & banking from a recognized MBA colleges in Bangalore, India would be an added advantage. 

    Before getting into the act, it is very important to select accredited and the best MBA college in terms of curriculum, faculty, additional programs, placement, location, fee, etc. 

    HKBK is the top engineering college in Bangalore offering lucrative MBA specializations and we hone talents of students to make them fit for specialized professions. We ensure our students gain everything necessary from fundamental business management skills to get the evolving knowledge and latest MBA trends. 

    Our internships are designed to provide exposure to the working conditions of the corporate world. Facing corporate employees and leaders, communication skills and problem-solving abilities are being developed during your project tenure.  

    With a wide range of engineering courses, programs and career guidance we are fostering our students to achieve heights in their relevant careers.

    Are you ready to bolster your career prospects?

    Join HKBK prestigious MBA College in Bangalore and invite a plethora of opportunities with attractive salary packages and perks!

    Mar 13, 2021

    Want to Be Successful in your Career? Hone your Skills that Industry Hungers!

    In India every year, it is estimated that around 1.4 million students appear in the all-India engineering entrance examination. After pursuing a 4-year degree, the students are expected to be job-ready to enter the industry. Yet, growing competition and expectations from multinational companies have led to student’s failure in acquiring a job. 

    The engineers are assessed based on their overall skills and personality in interviews as the employers want to prefer candidates who are potential leaders and innovators who are capable of shaping the world with their ideas & business acumen.

    An engineer’s role is not just limited to acquiring technical skills, programming knowledge, with sound knowledge of Maths and science, but the current industry needs beyond that.

    Today’s dynamic world in which engineers operate presents them with a multitude of new demands, incessant and profound challenges that confront mankind. Engineers are involved in the implementation, design, application, operation, development as well as management of processes and projects. 

    Though the kind of work that engineers do would vary based on the chosen field of study. Gaining a technical degree from an approved engineering college in Bangalore, India is just not enough for the students to acquire technical knowledge & also possess relevant skills that employers search for.

    What Industry Expect

    The workplaces have changed and most of the engineers working in a multidisciplinary environment. Engineering careers that start at a specialized technical level and later broaden with the rise in the hierarchy. Engineers undergo a paradigm shift from technical to management-oriented and they must acquire an understanding of all the industry aspects in order to manage efficiently. 

    In this multidisciplinary environment, along with their technical specialization, engineers must also learn and administer varied technical and non-technical jobs. The role of engineers and the expectations from the current industry has broadened hence, in order to meet the industrial demands, engineering training & education need to be revised. There is a dire need to inculcate in aspiring engineers a wide range of skills along with regular technical skills. 

    Here we have listed out some of the major expectations of the industry from engineering graduates.

    Industry Skills

    Because engineers operate in diverse industries, some hard skills are crucial for only specific industries. Engineers are creators of almost everything from biology to computer programming, and they just need the technical skills to succeed, based on the complexity of the project and field, more formal education is often required. Some aspects that engineers need to be aware of 

    • computer science

    • programming languages 

    • system design and analysis 

    • statistics 

    • conceptual, logical, or physical data modeling

    • process management 

    • advanced physics 

    • nanotechnology 

    • Structural analysis

    Better Communication Skills

    An aspiring engineer should possess great communication skills if he or she expects to be hired in any good firm or in MNCs.  All theories & laws are of no use if the candidate can’t communicate his thoughts in proper words. 

    Engineering is technical and significantly relies on concise & accurate communication between peers and clients as well. engineers must also have to communicate with people outside of the field, like clients and most of the cases with the general public who don’t have any technical background.

    It is very important that an engineer is able to translate his/her technical knowledge into terms that those within also outside your department can understand. Communication often proves to be one of the most challenging soft skills for engineers due to the high technical demands. Communication complexities need to be broken down into digestible words as well as concepts for your colleagues and managers. HKBK is one of the top 10 computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore that focuses on the latest curriculum, and also offers students advanced training in industry-specific skills. 

    • Emotional intelligence 

    • Active listening

    • Presentation skills

    • Motivation & Negotiation skills

    • Ability to Clarify & Paraphrase.

    Knowledge Beyond Textbooks

    Often firms look for individuals who can look beyond textbooks, curriculum and think brightly. Aspiring engineers need to be very logical and think intellectually. To be an ideal engineering aspirant for global organizations, you should think like an inventor. 

    If a candidate doesn’t embrace curiosity and a love of learning, the candidate is likely to remain in one place while others move forward. Engineers should be ready to adapt to advancements and changes in businesses. 

    Positive Approach

    The job of an engineer is not a piece of cake for every aspirant. It’s the path of several challenges, make them work, bring out the best in you. A positive approach is a must for us in any career and especially in core engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, and mechanical, sometimes the work becomes a salient part. Therefore, along with a positive approach, strong will power is required. 

    Ability to Multitask 

    While the focus is one of the most significant aspects of an engineering career and also other streams, another most important focus is the ability to multitask. An engineer might have to assume several multiple responsibilities at the same time. This might be daunting for an individual whose complete concentration is on a single task and this is where the multitasking factor becomes extremely crucial. 


    Engineers need to be able to work collaboratively with various types of people at varied levels. They need to work with fellow engineers, people outside the department and have to bring the projects to fruition, which is all about the department integration and collaboration. 


    Engineering is mainly about problem-solving and multi-tasking and that means finding innovative ways to apply existing knowledge, which is truly a creative process. For instance, creative writing aids one explore one skill and helps in finding a good career path. And technical write-ups can position an engineer in various leadership duties such as hiring, training. 

    • Project management and problem-solving skills 

    • Digital literacy 

    • Entrepreneurship 

    • Adaptability & Cognitive flexibility 

    • Planning & organizing 

    • Managerial or leadership skills 

    Bottom Line:

    These skills are prerequisites for any engineering aspiring student since 4-year degree acquisition from a top engineering science colleges in Bangalore, India may not ensure a job. However, the combination of an engineering degree along with the aforementioned skills will ensure students meet the high expectation of the organizations. 

    As employers look forward to candidates who are passionate, focused about the profession they aspire to enter. Therefore understand the industry needs, conduct self-analysis regarding technical & interpersonal skills acquisition, and hone your attributes to improve your job prospects.

    Feb 16, 2022

    Despite Pandemic, the scope of computer science in India is booming

    Amid the pandemic when most of the sectors are facing negativity and deterioration, the Indian IT sector is booming at an unstoppable pace, with clear plans to accelerate its hiring spree in the coming months.

    The quintessential factors that make India one of the most preferred IT outsourcing destinations in the world are – unmatched quality IT services, cost-effective prices, favourable government policies, immensely talented workforce and the fastest turnaround time. Moreover, the acceptability of remote working amid pandemic has taken the scope of the Indian IT services sector to the next level.

    As consumers over the globe have drastically moved toward technology and online channels for entertainment, payments, shopping and everything in just a few months, the demand for professional who can develop, sustain and expand IT services in this competitive business environment has increased. Therefore, this is a perfect time to pursue a career in Information Technology, Computer Science or related new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Data Sciences.

    What is Computer Science & Engineering?

    One of the most sought after fields in engineering, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is a 4 year undergraduate program that teaches computer programming and networking. The mentioned topics incorporate computation, algorithms, programming languages, computer software, computer hardware, etc.

    Job Profiles

    • System Database Administrator
    • Computer Programmer
    • Engineering Support Specialist
    • Data Warehouse Analyst
    • System Designer
    • Software Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Research Analyst

    Top Recruiters

    • TATA Consultancy
    • Infosys
    • Deloitte
    • Cisco
    • Wipro
    • Oracle
    • Cognizant
    • Microsoft

    Why pursue a degree in Computer Science & Engineering from HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore?

    • Become a next-gen computer professional.
    • Gain abilities to analyze the volatile requirements of the software industry and provide solutions through smart product designs.
    • Have exposure to advanced technologies by participating in multidisciplinary industry-sponsored projects.

    Know more about our Computer Science & Engineering Course

    What is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

    According to John McCarthy, a Stanford Researcher, “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent computer programs. It uses computers to understand human behaviour and intelligence, but AI does not limit itself to methods that are biologically observable.”

    In simple words, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) are the domains of computer science that are interrelated with each other. AI is a bigger concept to create intelligent solutions that can understand human thinking capability and behaviour, whereas, machine learning is a subset of AI that allows machines to learn from data without being programmed explicitly.

    Job Profiles

    • Machine Learning Researcher
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • Computer Network Architect
    • Computer System Analysts
    • Robotics Engineer
    • Information Security Analysts

    Top Recruiters

    • Google
    • Amazon
    • Accenture
    • Wipro
    • Microsoft
    • Bosch Group
    • Adobe 
    • JP Morgan Chase & Co

    Why pursue a degree in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore?

    • Learn to design, develop and maintain AI based software solutions.
    • Learn the basic principles of AI towards critical thinking, induction, recognition, and portrayal of information. 
    • Learn to meet today’s AI challenges and develop ingenious solutions for the future.

    Skills taught in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course at HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore:

    • Statistics
    • Python
    • Supervised Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • NLP
    • Neural Networks
    • Computer Vision
    • GANs
    • Tensorflow
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Recommendation Systems
    • Ensemble Learning
    • NumPy
    • Speech Recognition

    What is Artificial Intelligence & Data Science?

    Artificial Intelligence forecasts events using the predictive model, whereas, Data Science involves the process of visualization, analysis, pre-processing and prediction of data.

    Job Profiles

    • Business Analyst
    • Data Analyst
    • AI Engineer
    • Data Manager
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Risk Analyst

    Top Recruiters

    • IBM 
    • Fractal Analytics
    • Amazon
    • Deloitte
    • LinkedIn
    • MuSigma
    • Accenture
    • Citrix

    Why pursue a degree in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science from HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore?

    • Our multidisciplinary engineering program will nurture you to meet today’s AI and ML related challenges and develop ingenious solutions for the future. 
    • Apart from learning core technologies such as artificial intelligence and data sciences, you will also learn cross-disciplinary skills across fields such as statistics, computer science, machine learning, and more in our program.

    For those who are aspiring to curate a successful career in the most in-demand field of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS), or Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML), choose the best college in Punjab that will make you stay ahead of the crowd.

    Enroll now


    Mar 8, 2022

    Smart Campuses: The Future of Higher Education

    Smart Campuses: The Future of Higher Education

    WiFi networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other advanced technologies have enabled colleges and universities across the country to transform into digitally connected campuses that are benefiting students, faculty, and their surrounding communities. As a result, these modern-day campuses boast enhanced student learning and quality of life, lower operating costs, greater security and safety, improved environmental sustainability, and more.

    Smart campuses, like smart cities, are defined as places where devices and applications create new experiences or services and facilitate operational efficiency.

    The integration of digital technology into the learning process has given students more options than ever before to decide where, when, and how they pursue their studies. For example, students can use their smartphones and other mobile devices to gain access to homework assignments and grades through online portals, or they can attend classroom lectures remotely using video technology. IoT devices are being used to send alerts about students skipping classes, allowing college officials to help those who may be struggling academically.

    Network computing technology has made campus life much easier for today’s students, such as location-based systems to find lost textbooks and other personal items; using a digital device to pay for meals at a self-service cafeteria; or finding the time, location, and cost of various student activities.

    The use of WiFi and IoT technologies has made great strides in providing greater campus security and safety in recent years. Networked video cameras, digitalized LED lighting systems, digital identification card readers, geofencing, and other technologies are being employed on many academic campuses.

    Colleges and universities are jumping on the autonomous vehicle bandwagon to reduce traffic congestion, increase road safety for drivers and pedestrians, and lower carbon emissions from gas-powered vehicles. 

    As more colleges and universities adopt the smart campus concept, geofencing has become one of the more popular technologies used among institutions.

    Geofencing is the practice of using global positioning systems and radio frequency identification technology to create a specific virtual geographical area, allowing software to set off a response on mobile devices when entering or exiting an area.


    College instructors pacing back and forth while speaking to students seated in big lecture halls—the “sage on a stage”—is becoming a thing of the past. Virtual labs, digital ports, remote learning, and other technological advances are making it easier for students to learn beyond the traditional classroom environment while giving their instructors new and better teaching tools and methods, as well as greater reach outside a single classroom.

    The rebuilt campus will also promote a greater sense of safety and security among students, their parents, and the city’s residents.  The redesign of the Tec campus not only facilitates the necessity for flexibility and technology that their new pedagogy requires, it also promotes resiliency and branding.


    Universities and colleges resemble small cities; each has its own infrastructure that must be regularly maintained for operations to run as smoothly as possible. But that comes with an ever-increasing price tag, making it very difficult for colleges and institutions to avoid initiating tuition hikes and cost-cutting measures on academics, sports, student life, and other programs.

    Smart technologies, however, enable colleges/ institutions to operate more efficiently. This, in turn, allows them to continue to meet rigorous academic standards and, at the same time, to keep tuition and other costs as low as possible.

    Higher education institutions must adopt smart campus technologies in order to continue to offer top-notch, cost-efficient educational programs in this competitive market. This approach will allow today’s students to meet the demanding challenges that lie ahead in the increasingly digitalized society of the 21st century.



    Mar 8, 2022

    Latest Trends in Colleges for the year 2022 - 2023

    Latest Trends in Colleges for the year 2022 - 2023

    The year 2020 has been difficult for everybody because of COVID-19, colleges too were not excluded from its impact. Since colleges/universities are among the most crowded places when classes are ongoing, it was difficult for college officials across the world to decide on which type of learning mode to use in a health crisis keeping in mind it does not jeopardize a student’s learning curve.

    Leveraging of Big Data

    Institutions of higher education—universities and colleges—are increasingly reliant on data. It gives any organization, educational ones included, an accurate idea of the state of the establishment and how it can grow. This is especially important as figures show that colleges are only just beginning to recover from an enrolment slump from 2011 to 2017.

    Everywhere in the country, the industry is waking up to what Big Data can do for education, especially in preventing students from dropping out. For example, Purdue University is using data to develop a system called Course Signals, which helps predict issues that students may encounter. The system alerts both the students affected and the teachers when intervention or action may help correct academic or behavioural problems, thus, helping them reach their potential and reduce dropout rates. The university administration reports that since the system’s establishment in 2007, it has helped increase the grades of students as much as 28%.

    And in line with the pandemic, several universities are leveraging big data analytics in monitoring and tracking the spread of the virus on their campuses. For instance, Boston University has launched its BU COVID-19 Testing Data Dashboard, which enables users to know the volume of conducted tests and the results of such tests. These are among the pressing reasons why higher education institutions are also turning to business intelligence software to sort through all the data they gather and make sense of them, especially when for life-and-death situations.


    Competency Based Education (CBE)

    Data isn’t the only thing that technology has given to institutions of higher education. It’s also how people learn. Examples of these new ways of learning and earning your stripes is a competency-based education, or CBE.

    Simply put, a CBE allows students to learn at their own pace and style. In a CBE system, students are measured by how much they have mastered a subject or course instead of putting in the required time. Traditionally, sessions last about four months, but in a CBE, a student can immediately take an exam to measure their competency on the course and earn credit if they pass. This gives an advantage to students with life experience in a particular course and can even accelerate the student’s education.

    The Department of Education also endorses CBE as an alternative learning model, saying that it leads to better student engagement and outcomes. Thanks to this glowing review, institutions are planning to develop competency-based programs in their existing courses in the next five years.


    Distance Learning

    Probably one of the most important trends in the coming years is using the internet to earn credits or even a full degree. Also known as distance learning, online education is now on offer from colleges and universities. Not only does this make higher education more accessible, but it also makes it more affordable. It’s faster, too.

    Online education is praised by educators and administrators nationwide because of its flexibility. Students need not be full-time students with online education: they can balance their studies with work, for example, or other personal matters. It also opens opportunities for students in a geographically remote location to pursue a degree program offered by a particular university without having to relocate.

    And it’s not just the universities themselves that offer online degrees. Coursera is one of the biggest, allowing courses from several institutions to be accessed in one single platform.


    Alternative Funding

    Running a college or a university is an expensive endeavour, making these institutions reliant on federal funding and donations. This has been made more difficult because of the serious economic effects of COVID-19.

    This means that by 2022, colleges and universities would have already searched for alternative ways to acquire funding to insulate themselves from a financial standpoint.


    Guided Pathways

    Another way to maximize student success is using a Guided Pathway system. Unlike traditional ways of higher education, Guided Pathways takes a more strategic approach. It uses a structured program map where students are guided at each choice. This prevents overwhelming students with the number and complexity of degree programs.

    Another advantage is that it uses data to streamline the program for a student by way of a program map. It can use the same data to monitor the student’s progress. If they’re encountering roadblocks, Guided Pathways can recommend an action plan to improve the situation.

    Also, Guided Pathways allows foreign students to experience better higher education. Guided Pathways also see positive results in other countries that use such a program. This has led to an increase in internationally mobile students.


    Adult Courses

    The traditional age range for higher education is 18–24, but a lot of institutions are looking beyond the norm by trying to attract adults over this age. This is surprising for a lot of reasons. Four-year degree programs have mixed results when wooing post-traditional learners, thanks to outdated practices and rigid teaching methods that do not make much sense to this population. Even so, the National Center for Education Statistics believes that adult learners will increase through 2025.

    College student trends 2020 aren’t just about young people. Some institutions are trying new ways to draw adult learners in.


    MOOCs will Grow Exponentially

    Massively open online courses are one of the best ways to be educated, especially after formal schooling and higher education. Coursera is one of the leading providers of MOOCs, along with edX and Udacity. 2020 was predicted to see a shift in how students avail of MOOCs in two ways.

    First, MOOCs has become more flexible. This is something, as MOOCs are already designed to be flexible and open (hence the name). That said, MOOCs were originally envisioned like an online class, with a far stricter schedule and narrower source of materials, specified deadlines, and rigid milestones. This time, however, MOOCs has more leeway when it comes to submitting requirements and completing courses—and courses themselves will become far shorter.

    Secondly, MOOCs has also become more premium, which entails some level of monetary cost—but not from your own pocket. Companies would likely pay for MOOCs thus filling the skill gaps in their ranks. A large multinational enterprise may go ahead and create a MOOC platform, such as SAP’s openSAP, where they could have total control of the educational materials that their employees are availing.

    The widespread lockdowns because of the pandemic have caused a corresponding significant increase in MOOCs enrolments. For instance, Coursera had experienced a 640% increase in enrolment, while Udemy gained a 400% rise in enrolment.


    Use of Learning Management Systems

    Learning management systems are software designed to make a teacher’s job easier. Originally used by companies to train their employees, it’s now becoming more common for a university or a college to utilize an LMS to supplement traditional teaching methods. Such software not only allows teachers to create course content but also track the individual progress of students, their performance, and where they can improve. Plus, because an LMS “charts” the path of a student as they make their way in college, it works as a Guided Pathway system streamlining a student’s progression.

    Another way an LMS can enrich the student learning experience is by using newer technologies to maximize the application itself.


    Institutions of higher education are feeling pressure from both society and the government to adapt to the changing status quo brought about by a pandemic whose culmination remains unclear. This is right as businesses are looking for skills not always taught in colleges or even in universities. To accommodate these changes, these institutions are beginning to turn to outside-the-box solutions.

    Depending on how you want to view it, it’s either ironic or apt that the biggest cause of these tectonic shifts in education—technology—is also one of the best ways that institutions can keep up. From utilizing Big Data to better, more engaging distance learning, education is becoming more accessible, affordable, and equitable.

    All these are ambitious projects, and the verdict has yet to come out on whether these ventures are going to succeed. One thing is for sure, however: college is going to be significantly different in the next few years as a likely long-term after-effect of the pandemic. Nonetheless, learning will likely stay the same.

    Oct 27, 2022

    Artificial Intelligence as an Essential Part of the Future of Higher Education

    An institution like HKBK College of Engineering must fight each and every day to ensure the success of students and institution activities continue to transform the lives and education of its students. I believe that we have successfully anticipated key questions, such as how entrepreneurship, internationalization, innovation, diversity, and humanities act as motors that drive change in education, creating a foundation of learning and an instrument of differentiation and forward-thinking.

    we live permanently in a world where ideas need to change at light speed in order to lead educational platforms. 

    The future of education will be based, in any case, on artificial intelligence – as core and as a tool.These new tools will give us the ability to develop different skills at an unprecedented level: from telecommunications to the development of protein structures in the field of medicine, as well as helping us to optimize the blockchain to avoid excessive energy consumption, and also to create technological systems that provide access to art, culture and literature. Educational institutions will be responsible for providing young people with the tools necessary to develop the critical thinking needed to ensure that AI will always be an adjunct to human endeavor.

    Apr 6, 2024


    The field of Engineering has been dominated by men, but the time is changing there are more and more women break down boundaries and make their mark in this exciting profession. Women in Engineering play a very important role. This article explores the many roles that women in engineering perform and their effects on society.

    Breaking Stereotypes and Challenging Boundaries:

    Women in engineering are breaking stereotypes and challenging societal norms by entering and excelling in traditionally male-dominated fields. They demonstrate that technical expertise knows no gender boundaries and that women can thrive in any engineering discipline, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. By defying stereotypes, women engineers inspire future generations of girls to pursue their passions and careers in engineering.

    Driving Innovation and Problem Solving:

    Women engineers contribute distinctive perspectives and concepts that encourage innovation and advance the industry. Their diverse life experiences, educational backgrounds, and problem-solving methods help to produce more thorough and inclusive answers. Women engineers encourage innovation, flexibility, and resilience in engineering projects by fostering varied thinking and upending the status quo.

    Creating Inclusive Designs and Technologies:

    Women in Engineering play a very important role for design, technology, and products to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. To provide more user-friendly and equitable solutions, they consider the requirements and perspectives of various user groups, including women, children, and people with disabilities. The usefulness, safety, and efficiency of engineering projects are increased because of this inclusivity-focused approach, which is advantageous to society.

    Promoting Gender Diversity and Inclusion:

    The inclusion and diversity of women in engineering are actively promoted. They take part in activities and groups that support and promote the rights of female engineers, such as networking gatherings, mentorship programs, and societies for women in engineering. Women engineers address gender imbalances in the sector by encouraging other women to seek careers in engineering and by sharing their experiences and successes.

    The Journey of Women in Engineering

    Historically, women have faced societal and cultural barriers that deterred them from pursuing careers in engineering. Stereotypes and biases regarding gender roles and abilities limited their access to education and professional opportunities in the field. However, over time, the determination and perseverance of women have shattered these barriers, allowing them to excel in engineering.

    Challenges Faced by Women in Engineering

    Stereotypes and Bias:

    Persistent gender stereotypes and biases still prevail in the engineering industry. Women often encounter skepticism regarding their technical competence and face challenges in gaining recognition and respect for their skills and expertise.

    Lack of Role Models:

    The scarcity of visible female role models in engineering can hinder young women from envisioning themselves in these careers. It is crucial to highlight and celebrate the achievements of successful women engineers to inspire and guide future generations.

    Work-Life Balance:

    Balancing career aspirations with family responsibilities remains a significant challenge for women in engineering. The demanding nature of the profession, including long working hours and travel requirements, can create barriers for women who seek to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    Promoting Gender Diversity in Engineering

    Encouraging Early Exposure:

    Initiatives aimed at exposing young girls to engineering concepts and opportunities can help break gender stereotypes early on. Hands-on workshops, mentorship programs, and partnerships between schools and engineering organizations can inspire and engage young girls in pursuing engineering careers.

    Education and Scholarships:

    Providing access to quality education and scholarships for women in engineering is essential to bridge the gender gap. Financial support and merit-based scholarships can encourage more women to pursue higher education and careers in engineering.

    Workplace Inclusion:

    Organizations should focus on creating inclusive work environments that value and support the contributions of women engineers. Implementing diversity and inclusion programs, addressing unconscious biases, and offering flexible work arrangements can attract and retain talented women in the field.

    Mentorship and Networking:

    Establishing mentorship programs that connect women engineers with experienced professionals can provide guidance, support, and career development opportunities. Networking platforms and industry events dedicated to women in engineering can foster connections and facilitate knowledge exchange.


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